Who we are

EQAS Certification is an independent certification partner with Equal Assurance.

The Equal Assurance mission: to be the cornerstone of your profile of confidence.

Equal Assurance acts independent of organisations that can or may present a conflict of interest.

Equal Assurance is accredited by JAS-ANZ as a conformity assessment body.

JAS-ANZ is a member of The International Accreditation Forum (IAF).


Equal Assurance in partnership with EQAS Certification operates as an accredited Certification Body offering a range of accredited Assurance Programs checking compliance with a range of international (e.g. ISO) and other (e.g. AS, NZS) risk management system standards. 

Further information: www.equalassurance.com

How we do it

We use the online client-portal through Qdos to provide to our clients user-friendly interface.

Why we are better at it

Our point of difference is that we are in the business of assurance; certification is the result of assurance, not just the reason for it.


You and your stakeholders want confidence, and not just a piece of paper that says so.

We are better at it with our:

  • Online interface via our ‘Qdos’ software.

  • Simple application process.

  • Transparent upfront conditions.

  • Straight-forward fee structure.

  • Creative site sampling, including remote facility.

  • Integrated audit processes.

  • Comprehensive audit reporting.

  • Positive performance measures.

  • Presentable Certificate of Confidence to verify compliance.

  • Over 25 years of experiences providing independent certification.

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