ISO Certification in Cairns & Far North Queensland (FNQ)

EQAS Certification is fully equipped to deliver internationally recognised ISO standards and assessments services to organisations in Cairns and Far North Queensland (FNQ). In partnership with Equal Assurance, we provide a wide variety of Assurance Programs across a range of industry sectors including tourism, agriculture, mining, healthcare and construction.

An ISO certification is proof that a company's management system, operational processes, product & services, and documentation protocols all comply with the rigorous standards of ISO.

Benefits of ISO Certification

Companies who earn ISO certifications have proven that their business can provide goods and services of the highest standards boosting consumer trust and confidence.


  • Reduce costs by optimising or eliminating wasteful activities and business processes.

  • Minimise operational and financial risks.

  • Ensure that your business complies with Government regulations.

  • Gain access to new markets with an internationally recognised ISO certification.

Types of ISO Standards

EQAS Certification Cairns is an independent certification partner with Equal Assurance, a world-wide confederation of independent management practices helping organisations improve business performance. We provide trusted evaluation and certification programs for the following ISO standards:

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