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Government & Defence

People expect quality service, strategic planning, and transparency from the public sector. In order for the government to fulfill that mandate, it is important to have a well-structured organisation, efficient operations, and a working check-and-balance system that is continually geared towards improvement. One way to reach that goal and inspire confidence to your stakeholders is by complying with international best-practices through ISO certification.

The public sector can apply the ISO standards framework on domestic policies and programs. Government authorities are typically the largest procurer of goods and services, and so ISO requirements are often specified in their tenders and contracts – ISO certification gives public sector procurers confidence that their suppliers can be relied upon.  This tried and tested system has consistently provided results across businesses and industries all over the globe. Every organisation strives to develop more effective management systems, provide better services, and build stakeholder trust. With ISO certification, the public sector can do just that.

ISO Certifications for the Government & Defence Industry

ISO 9001

is a globally-recognised certification awarded to organisations that have systems and procedures focussed on providing quality goods and services to their target market. It is amongst the most applied-for ISO standard, because it can be adopted to fit any industry. In the process of attaining this certification, government departments can reduce inefficiencies and risk, including in their supply chains, while maximising resources and productivity.

ISO 27001 Certified Information Security.png

is of particular importance to organisations that deal with sensitive informations (eg NDIS Providers). To keep up with technological advances and continuously maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information, and improve cyber security is a crucial aspect of defence.

ISO 45001 Certified OH & S.png

is a certification that demonstrates the high value an organisation places on preventative rather than reactive measures against occupational health and safety hazards in the workplace. Government organisations rely heavily on staff to carry out programs and policies in a safe and legal manner. This certification ensures that the risks to staff safety, health and well-being in the workplace are minimised.

ISO 14001 certified environmental management.png

certifies that an organisation is taking concrete steps to mitigate environmental impact, practice proper waste disposal, and reduce unnecessary energy consumption in its daily operations. The value placed on sustainability is one that should be advocated by all citizens, and not least by those holding positions in governance.

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