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Manufacturing Industry

Quality control is a vital part of the manufacturing process. Without it, you may end up producing inferior or even dangerous merchandise, hurting your brand's reputation and spoiling your chances of acquiring new business. The market today has become incredibly competitive and having the reputation of consistently producing high-quality products is imperative.

Organisations in the manufacturing industry achieving key ISO certifications can be crucial in making your business stand out in the market. Its rigorous benchmarks can help discerning customers understand that your manufacturing business commits to quality, reliability, and puts the customer first.

Relevant ISO Standards for the Manufacturing Industry

ISO 9001

Ensures that manufacturing firms adhere to strict guidelines in terms of management approach. An ISO 9001 certified firm has a leadership group that’s passionate about providing consistent and reproducible quality in all aspects of the business both for its customers, its suppliers, and the rest of its stakeholders. These companies are also advocates of operational efficiency which aims to either minimise or completely eradicate waste. Acquiring this certification can help you find ways to both improve product quality, raise public trust in your brand, and help you reduce costs.

ISO 14001 certified environmental management.png

Demonstrates that a manufacturing business has systems in place to ensure its activities do not negatively affect the ecological balance of its surroundings. This involves reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint by optimising waste management, minimising soil and air pollution, and setting other best practices aimed at mitigating climate change. With an increased focus on environmental awareness in recent years, acquiring an ISO 14001 will not only improve operational efficiency, but help boost your brand's reputation and equity.

ISO 45001 Certified OH & S.png

Is especially important in the manufacturing industry as workers often handle heavy machinery and other potentially dangerous equipment. This certification mandates organisations to improve safety for employees, contractors, and suppliers as they perform their duties. Acquiring ISO 45001 improves operational efficiency by avoiding accidents that may cause production delays. Achieving certification can also boost employee morale as it demonstrates you’re committed to their overall wellness.

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