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How can ISO Certification benefit your construction business?

Holding an ISO certification in the construction industry for quality, safety and environmental management is often a requirement when bidding on large-scale projects. Many clients will only work with construction companies that are compliant with the highest international standards.


Undergoing the rigorous compliance process required for certification will help your business increase efficiency in day-to-day operations, manage risks, build sustainable practices, and put in place mechanisms for continual improvement.

In addition to providing improved access to commercial infrastructure opportunities, achieving ISO certification will allow your construction company to fulfil the minimum regulatory requirements for large projects, and stands as assurance for current and future clients that your business goes above and beyond to deliver excellence in its field. Where typically millions and millions of dollars are spent, clients in the commercial construction sector simply want maximum confidence in the architects, engineers, builders and trade contractors that they engage. 

Relevant ISO Standards for the Construction Industry.

ISO 9001

Is the minimum regulatory requirement for most companies looking to hire construction companies. Achieving this certification opens your business up to more opportunities with more substantial contracts. It builds the capability of your organisation in streamlining process flows, reducing unnecessary costs, improving supply chain management with both material and trade subcontractor service providers, and enhancing internal communications. 

ISO 45001 Certified OH & S.png

Is particularly important in an industry that works with heavy equipment, electricity, hazardous materials, and heights. Construction is a very ‘High Risk’ sector, and ISO45001 certification emphasises the value your company places on its employees and subcontractors, building rapport with the personnel on which the business stands. Following industry best practice for occupational health and safety keeps staff happy, operations efficient, and legislation issues at bay.

ISO 14001 certified environmental management.png

Is becoming more and more important as society realises the impact of human activity on the environment. Building and infrastructure has obviously a high impact on the environment, so this certification allows your company to get ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainable construction practices. Efficient energy production and conservation, proper waste management, ethical sourcing of materials, and significant reduction of carbon footprint are just some of the benefits your company can obtain through this certification.

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