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ISO Certification Services Singapore

EQAS Certification is an Australian based, internationally accredited certification body providing ISO assessment services to organisations throughout Singapore.


In partnership with Equal Assurance, we specialise in helping Singaporean companies wishing to export to Australia and New Zealand or anywhere in the world, to obtain an internationally recognised ISO certification.

ISO certification elevates the reputation of both large and small organisations by verifying that their product, service, operational process, or systems have ticked all the boxes required for the highest standards of quality, safety and efficiency in a range of compliance areas.

Benefits of ISO Certification

While achieving ISO certification may take time and effort, it demonstrates to stakeholders that management is committed to improving quality and operational systems.


  • Access New Export Markets - Improve your chances of attracting new business and expand into new international markets by increasing your credibility with overseas customers.

  • Win Government Contracts - Your business may be eligible for Government contracts which require adherence to ISO certifications.

  • Elevate Reputation & Trust - ISO certification means employees, stakeholders and partners gain more confidence in your company. Some of your customers will only do business with certified companies because it gives them assurance that your management systems are constantly assessed and approved.

  • Increase Revenue - A sustained effort to streamline operations, and improved efficiency and productivity naturally leads to increased revenue and profit margins.

  • Internationally Recognised - The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) is the most recognised brand worldwide when it comes to developing and publishing international standards.

  • Transform your Business Processes - Provide better quality products and services by minimising mistakes, improving communications and reporting, and increasing consistency and reliability of your deliverables.

Types of ISO Standards

EQAS Certification Singapore is an independent certification partner with Equal Assurance, a world-wide confederation of independent management practices helping organisations improve business performance. We provide trusted evaluation and certification programs for the following ISO standards:

Equal Assurance Clients in Singapore




  • TNETS - Customs Declaration sector

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