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Certification Transfer

If your current certification partner is just not doing it for you, you need to find one that will.

EQAS Certification, as a practice member of Equal Assurance, is here to resolve this issue for you, we can transition your existing certifications:


without any transition fees;​


with just a copy of your previous CAB’s documentation such as certificate, previous audit reports, current audit findings, and audit programme(s); and


without any "CAB Transfer Audit" where the certification is transferred within your usual cycled audit activity, and you have no outstanding non-compliance issues with your current CAB.

Certification Transfer

Transfer to Equal Assurance

With  Equal Assurance there are no lock-in contracts, no up-front fees and no mark-up on expenses. We seek to build long-term client relationships through value-added relationships with our auditors, and people providing and managing client services.

Our point of difference is that for 25 years we have been in the business of 'assurance'; certification is the result of 'assurance', not just the reason for it. We know that your stakeholders want confidence, and not just a piece of paper that says so.

So choose Equal Assurance, and with offices located across Australia, New Zealand and the world, we have highly trained auditors to give you that 'Equal Assurance' your business needs.

This can be a simple no-hassle transfer process. If you are serious about receiving value from the certification process and you want to be associated with an internationally recognised Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) with a proven track record of excellence; then the obvious choice is to transfer your certification to International Certifications.

Many organisations are too scared to change as they would rather deal with the “devil they know”…….Change to Equal Assurance and start reaping the true benefits of certification today!

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Contact us now, and we’d be happy to discuss your needs, understand your current certification situation, and provide a No Obligation FREE quote!
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