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Healthcare & Medical

The healthcare and medical industry is one of the cornerstones of society. Without preventative and therapeutic medicine, people’s wellbeing and quality of life will suffer.

While businesses in this industry always want the best patient outcomes, healthcare workers have a legal and ethical responsibility to protect the people in their care. A person's life may depend on the strict regulations set by medical organisations and governing bodies to ensure the best possible patient care.

It is important to remember that medical care rests on a complex web of day-to-day operations, resource management, and strategic business decisions. By improving backend operations, many healthcare organisations can make processes smoother not just for their patients and their families, but for their medical practitioners, employees, and other stakeholders.

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, aged care facilities, medical practices, allied health care providers and child care facilities would benefit from obtaining ISO certification. These international standards demonstrate your commitment to quality and patient centred care.

ISO Certifications for the Health & Medical Industry

ISO 9001

Certification is awarded to organisations that are proven capable of consistently meeting client, stakeholder and regulatory requirements in their field. The rigorous process to obtain this certification involves identifying inefficiencies and sources of risk, and executing strategic improvements that will help streamline processes and maximise the organisation’s strengths, and the quality of outcomes for its health and medical care recipients.

ISO 14001 certified environmental management.png

Standard certifies that the organisation minimises the impact on their physical surroundings and the communities they operate in. Healthcare businesses that are ISO 14001 certified are able to comply with environmental regulations and incorporate eco-sustainable practices into their day-to-day operations.

ISO 27001 Certified Information Security.png

Standard is testament that an organisation goes above and beyond to protect the sensitive information entrusted to them by patients and stakeholders. With the pace at which technology advances, it is important for businesses to put in place mechanisms that allow them to keep up and make improvements quickly, and maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their client’s information.

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